About The Bernhard Library



The Bernhard Library is more than just a space for students to feed their curiosity, research their interests, find books to read for pleasure, and study with their friends. We think of ourselves as a "learning commons" -- a community space that encourages our faculty and students to collaborate, communicate, and come together. We are a learning and gathering hub for the school, a place where student success is the highest priority, and learning goals are joyfully pursued through collaboration between librarians, faculty, and students. 


Our Mission
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The mission of the library is to support and enrich the school curriculum, inspire a lifelong love of learning and reading, to empower students to be fully information literate and critical researchers, and to help support the overall needs of each and every student.

Our Instructional Philosophy
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The library takes a very active role in making sure that students are fully information literate, which means that they can find and evaluate information sources, combine them in meaningful patterns, and creatively and effectively use them to come up with their own results. Our Instructional Librarian collaborates with faculty to teach students how to find and evaluate information, access our university level databases, cite sources, and formulate original research.

Our Space

Through the generous support of the Class of 2017, we were able to fully remodel our space to provide a multi-use, flexible environment where our community could come together in a learning and gathering hub, while also supporting the need for solitary study time. With both a large collaborative area and a separate quiet study area, we provide students with the option to make their own choices on how they study best. We provide the community a versatile space that can meet the needs of individuals, groups, and classes; often simultaneously.